Big Boy   Agony   Warmonger    
Rank to Unlock:


Weapon Class:

Machine Gun


Money icon 60000

  • 36 (Standard)
  • 37.8 (Upgraded)
Fire rate:
  • 6.7 (Standard)
  • 7 (Upgraded)


  • 100 (Standard)
  • 121 (Upgraded)

== Overview

The Agony is a gun which is kind of run of the mill. It has a very low fire rate for a machine gun and it is makes up for this with its high damage. Best used for close quarters and some long range fight.

This weapon is most common in Rank 10 and up matches. In fact, in matches Rank 20 and up, Agony has become so common that even if you have it, you stand so much chance at killing people using agony, depending on your accuracy.

But its a good weapon if you are good at machine guns. It is the most commonly used gun in game, standing as substitute if players don't have enough XP or money to afford other guns. the CEO of Madfinger when interviewed stated that the agony will probably be the most commonly used and seen guns among players in the game.


  • The Agony may be based upon a Lewis Machine Gun.
  • It is the most common gun used in tSwmsmsm
  • he game, mastered by many professional players.
  • It the machine gun with the largest clip size.
  • it has the largest damage compared to other guns (excluding rocket launchers and also sniper rifles)