Bandit   Marauder   Flusakov    
Weapon Class:

Submachine Gun


Money icon 0 (Free, starting weapon)



Fire rate:




  • 35 (Standard)
  • 42 (Upgraded)

In-Game DescriptionEdit

"The Bandit machine-gun needs no introduction. A light and compact accessory particularly favored by Space Special Forces. Anyone who has ever faced the Bandit in close quarter combat will confirm: It's like stirring up a wasp's nest and jumping for cover behind the stairs..."


The Bandit is the default weapon that all players are forced to use until the end of Rank 1. The Bandit has a high rate of fire, as well as good accuracy. However, its low clip can become a problem if the ammo is not used wisely enough. Its damage is low compared to it's successors, the Marauder and Flusakov. 

While early on this gun is good enough, it is best to choose another tree unless you are extremely diligent about keeping reloaded and not missing your target. 


Upgrades to the Bandit
Upgrade Price
Damage +5% Money icon8,000
Clip Size +20% Money icon6,000
Silencer Gold 225
Bullet Speed +20% Money icon4,000


  • The Bandit has the highest fire rate in the game, of 11.1 bullets per second.
  • All players begin the game with it, and it must be used until Level 2- where other guns become available.
  • The Bandit is based off a KRISS Vector.
  • High level players still use the Bandit, as there is actually quite some use for it when fully upgraded. (Including silencer)

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