Spinning two consecutive "Bars" will guarantee you a win at some gold, although the chances are slim.


  • v1.2+
- ​Everyday, when you log into the game, you get 1/2/3/4/5 free chips per day for the casino. Every consecutive day increases the amount of chips awarded.
D1: 1 chip
D2: 2 chips
D3: 3 chips
D4: 4 chips
D5: 5 chips
D6: 1 chip
D7: 2 chips
and so on...
  • ​v2.0+
​- You only get one chip per day, regardless of day and does not stack. In other words, you will always get only a chip per day (on the first 4 days). On the 5th day, you'll get a random booster for free instead of a chip.

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