== Diversation==

So it happens that there is someone sufficiently crazy to continue on with the deranged experiments of Dr. Edgar Simon, the madman who was put down by the legendary Bounty Hunter, John Slade. And when that certain crazy someone builds a fortified laboratory to conduct his work, well, it’s time to go pay him a (not so) friendly visit.

This time however, one person is not going to be enough. It will be necessary to assemble a team of commandos who can withstand the brutal mercenaries whom the unknown doctor pays extravagant sums in turn for protection. Experiments, kidnapping and the torture of innocent civilians from the surrounding planets is not of much concern to the Galactic Council. Most of the corrupt officials don’t take notice of such things unless they stand to pocket something for themselves. Evil days are upon us and a band of veteran soldiers has decided to take justice into their own hands and launch a tough offensive on this madhouse laboratory.

The attack is not going to be easy, though. The laboratory is equipped with several laser cannons which will force invaders to initially keep their distance. After this a personnel carrier will make a drop-off as close as possible to the laboratory from where the invaders will have to push through on their own (1). It’s not going be a walk in the park. First, they have to endure the dangers of an open battlefield (2) and then, shoot their way through narrow corridors (3) where fanatic defenders are prepared to repel all threats (4). To make matters worse, a side passage (5) enables defenders to immediately replenish their ranks, forcing attackers, if they are to be successful, to channel all of the experience they have acquired in their long and brutal careers. Time is running out and the captives of the mad doctor await liberation. Will you take the laboratory by force or will you rather defend it until your final dying breath?

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