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In-Game Description

Cost in Gold              Image
Saucepan "Crank up the heat on 'em!" 1500
Student "Very few troopers have participated in a graduation, let alone attend school. With this hat you can catch up on all those missed classes!" 650
Spider "Move like a spider, see like a spider..." 500
Shrapnel "A sturdy helmet made specially for front line action. Explosion, bullets, smoke? With Shrapnel, you are safe." 500
Shinobi "A hi-tech helmet used for espionage operations. Made from experimental lightweight materials and equipped with advanced ETS optics." 500
Football "Every dumbass jock who plays football will tell you its better to wear a helmet. Because coach said so!" 550
Boar "Designers failed to achieve the original intention – To scare enemies to death just by looking into the face of the helmet. But at least you can attract some wild boars!" 550
Pilot "Certainty to fly to places where the air quality is not so good, lie the MADFINGER Games offices..." 550
Skullcap "Skulls are just plain cool. If you wear one on your face, well, youre going to look like a badass, even if youre a sweet little old lady." 550
Warrior "Specially designed for frightening weaker natures and fashion gurus..." 550
Japan "Konnichiwa! Tuck into a ball of rice, munch on some sushi... and hurrah, off to battle." 990

"A mushroom... and after you put it on your head, it makes you, well, a mushroom...

Pirate "Arghh matey!" 990
Viking "A pair of horns is an excellent thing in those more difficult situations, your friends can use you as a battering ram!" 990
Afro "Its retro time! Colors, music, love, the star spangled banner played on a guitar with your teeth... Just watch out low ceilings!" 990
Astro "A helmet for all those who dreamed of becoming an astronaut. The side antennae enable reception of two independant radio channels or instructions from ground control and your wife." 990
Indian "Become the chief of the tribe. Speak with the spirits of your ancestors. Walk like an eagle, fly like a buffalo." 990
Beanie "Plasma rays burned off your hair and left your head feeling cold? Grab this beanie cap and fit in with the skaters and pop-rock crowd." 1990
Birthday "Come celebtate! Sweets, crazy eggs and lots of fun for everyone... or, shotguns, grenades and bodies riddle with bullets everywhere" 1990
Headphones "Dj gone wild or a disgruntled worker bent on revenge? Fantastic sound cancelling capabilities, essential equipment for machine gun" 2990
Husta "Its a historical thing, you wouldnt understand..." 2990
Cylinder "Who wouldnt want to kill with an air of nobility? With this top hat you can go to battle or to a royal ball (careful not to step on any toes... err, mines)." 9990


All these items will protect you from a headshot.


Saucepan and Student were only introduced into the game in v2.0, after numerous players have requested the availability of more affordable hats. When first released, Student only cost 10 Gold instead of 50. After a month since its release, MFG then made the price of the student hat increase to 50 Gold.

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