An icy and inhospitable planet at the lone end of the galaxy with only one interesting feature – a factory producing deadly weapons that has recently repelled several attempts at invasion.

This structure is one on the most well protected factories in all the universe. Only a select few knew the secrets hidden far behind its walls. It is rumored that the factory is running a secret and highly advanced program, that if it were to fall into the wrong hands, could prove deadly for the entire galaxy. Can you manage to overtake this dangerous factory for your faction and in doing so, acquire fame, wealth and above all, power? Or will you take the role of the defender and fend off the likes of space pirates and other riff raff so that the secrets of the factory will be protected along with the unspeakable hell it houses? One way or the other – get ready for a battle of epic proportions.

The map is characterized by a bridge in the center of the battlefield (1) which is the crux of the bloodiest shoot-outs. Many soldiers have sacrificed their lives only so that the rest of their team could advance a few feet forward. The base of the attacking team is situated in a valley (2) from which there are only two ways in or out (3 & 4). Both roads, however, are frequently under the guard of a precision sniper who ensures that accessing the heart of the base is no cake walk. The defending team is aided by several protective structures such as a high wall (5) and special covers built (6) precisely for such dangerous situations.

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