In-Game DescriptionEdit


"A treat for all lovers of assassination and chicken sh*t tactics. Statistics from the Space Forces show that 4 out of 5 troopers dont pay sufficient attention to where they step. Boom! This luxury model mini captures a snapshot of the victims face 3 seconds before detonation...(ONLY FOR ZONE CONTROL!)"

Overview Edit

The Mine is a zone-control only device that, just like its name, is a landmine. When deployed, it goes invisible after a few seconds, where there is a logo for the team you are on on the top of the now invisible mine. When an enemy steps close, BOOM. He gets killed. Place mines near sentries, so when they try to kick it, you know what will happen. Highly reccommended for its purpose, and plus, its pretty overpowered.


  • The photo of the mine was updated in the 2.0.0 update. Before it was updated, it had the photo of the mine in Dead Trigger, a game which MadFinger also made.

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