The Extracts below are taken from the official madfinger website.


The uprising turned into absolute chaos. Years of isolation from land, stuck on a rig surrounded by the lava sea and harsh conditions bordering on slavery imposed by local political bosses has finally provoked the inhabitants into a revolt which was to be suppressed with extreme violence. Instead, everything degenerated into a bloody frenzy. Half the inhabitants are dead and the other half has gone insane. Now it doesn’t matter who started the revolt and why… You’ve got no friends… No one to watch your back… The only thing you can believe in is that what you can rely on, your gun!

Map DetailsEdit

The hardest fighting takes place over the projection platform (1), which provides an ideal position for any sniper. The disadvantage of the platform however, is the lack of an escape route and so players must operate with maximum skill and caution in order to hold their position. Vrans recommend proceeding with caution on the bridges (2) – where just a few bullets from the lower floor is enough to end your day (for good). While others are busy battling it out for strategic position, opponents are waiting for their opportunity, hidden in dark nooks and recesses (3 & 4), from where they prey on unsuspecting enemies. In short, a trip to the Refinery is not everyone’s idea of fun

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