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Renegade PortEdit

A modern adaptation of the celebrated work of literature, Romeo and Juliet, set in the dirty and violent docklands of an industrial planet. Two clans engaged in a bloody feud for as long as anyone can remember… A vicious battle over a few square feet of meaningless territory… What strategy will you select?

Overtake the enemy’s territory with brutal force? Or would you prefer a swift and stealthy attack from behind? You can of course employ the impenetrable defense of your Sentry Guns and sniper towers, the latter of which are said to have arisen almost by accident when a member of the red team stumbled into a structure that provided a perfect view onto a critical part of the battlefield. However, before he had time to utilize his position, he discovered that one of his opponents had discovered a similar structure in opposing territory, complete with a skilled sniper and his trusty Sniper Rifle OSOG. Needless to say, this tale did not end well for the red team.

In short, Renegade Port doesn’t offer much in the way of open space as other battlefields in the galaxy and there is always something lurking behind the next corner. Its streets conceal more than a few surprises. The most furious battle takes place right up the middle (1), which is considerably in the open and only a lucky few will make it through without a scratch. There are always several ways to get behind enemy lines (2 & 3) although each side will do the utmost to make sure no rats squeak through. You won’t always be successful, one mistake is enough to throw your entire defense into shambles. Such moments are decisive in battle…

The bloodthirsty war in Renegade Port rages on with no regard to where, when or against whom – But always remember this one thing: Never forget your gun and gear at home! Otherwise you won’t last a minute.
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