Sh*tstorm   Sh*tstorm II   Redeemer    
Sh*tstorm II
Shitstorm II
Rank to Unlock:


Weapon Class:

Rocket Launcher


Money icon 90000



Fire rate:





1 (Standard)

In-Game DescriptionEdit

"Terrified upon reading the specs of the improved Sh*tstorm II, the Devil took to his heels & ran off. Researchers built on the biggest advantages from the previous versions of this rocket launcher, and applied a new wave of improvemens. So long, suckers!"


The Sh*tstorm II is a very powerful launcher, indeed. Although it only has 1 round in the clip, it makes up for that with its ability to deliver one shot kills to an opponent without flakjacket. It's anmmo is lower than Sh*tstorm by 1 so it is wise to put an anmmo kit beside you. Highly recommended to buy ASAP, due to its hi damage in lower level battles. Try shooting the enemy's feet for higher accuracy. (Careful not to kill yourself!). It's price is quite expensive during the level when u unlock it but worth every dollar during the intermediate levels of the game (level 20-level 30). When using it at higher levels, it is recommended to upgrade the damage. Upgrading its damage will make it a even deadlier killing machine until u unlock redeemer.


  • It used to have the same shape as the Sh*tstorm.
  • Its damage was nerfed from 135 to 110 in the 2.0.0 update.
  • Its shape and look was changed in the same update.

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