Tier-1 Match refers to the first level of matches played when a new player joins the game. This first level of matches consists of the most amateur players, ranking from Rank 1 to Rank 9,under the newest update.

Commonly Used WeaponsEdit

Commonly used weapons in this tier matches include the default Bandit, the first shotgun Mace, the plasma weapon Spate, volatile Vega and quite rarely, the sniper rifle OSOG.

Strategy and GameplayEdit

Tier-1 Matches are relatively peaceful and slow-paced, due to the absence of higher tier and damage weapons. This tier consists of more amateur players, hence lowering the difficulty of the game. 

Camping is relatively common in Deathmatch games, making grenades a good repellant. Chargers (players who charge headlong) are also more common than other tiers.

Zone control is unlocked at Rank 4, making it slightly rarer, and new players would take some time to adapt to its long-ranged combats. It is observed that in this tier, the map "Palace" is played much more frequently, probably due to the matchmaking system. Vega is a very common weapon here.

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