These extracts where taken from the madfinger website.


Various civilizations have dedicated all their resources to developing space travel while never having fully explored the extent of their own planet. Oceans in particular conceal many secrets and mysteries within their depths. A few brave souls took to the submarine regions in order to uncover the secrets of the planets. This is the precise purpose to which the Vortex station at one time served.Section heading


Vortex is not ideally suited for those with claustrophobia. Dark and narrow corridors link the complex and there are not many places in which one can escape the deadly fire of bullets. The action in the middle of the station (1) sometime gets very heated and for a station situated hundreds of feet below the sea, it’s sure pretty hot down here. Those who want can avoid the heat by using one of two side corridors (2 & 3). This is a place where you will need to utilize close range weapons and precisely thrown grenades. What strategy will you choose?

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